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The Five Basic Rules of Sand Tennis






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The players serve from behind the baseline and move into the court to volley the ball. The ball cannot bounce or loss of point. Unlike lawn tennis players cannot break the plane of the baseline until the serve is struck. In singles and doubles, players have two serves and serve diagonal similar to lawn tennis but in three player team play the server may stand anywhere behind the baseline and serve to any opposing player.

Like lawn tennis, the ball must be hit back with one hit and not multiple hits such as beach volleyball.

Scoring is the best two out of three sets with a set being a 10 point tiebreaker such as used in many lawn tennis tournaments to determine the third set. Unlike lawn tennis these tiebreakers can be won by one point 10-9. In singles and doubles matches at 9-9 the receiver of the serve has a choice as to which side the serve will be served to.

The racket cannot exceed 26" in length and may be shorter.

In WSTA sanctioned tournaments adults and juniors will be offered two divisions.

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